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Arizona Travel ID Delayed One Year

With the outbreak of Covid-19 causing delays, closures and abrupt interruption of routines – the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has chosen to extend the deadline of the Arizona Travel ID. Originally, residents of Arizona had a deadline of October 1st, 2020 to obtain an ID that is compliant with the REAL ID Act for traveling on plane and entering

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Why You Should Use a 3rd Party MVS Center in Phoenix

In Phoenix, the very first 3rd Party MVS centers opened in 1994. This was in an attempt to help service the many people seeking help through the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division. An authorized 3rd party MVS center in Phoenix has direct access to help you with title and registration of your vehicle and driver licenses just as
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I Need Help with My Arizona Title Application

It is not uncommon to need help with your Arizona title application. There are certain requirements you must follow. There are fees you need to pay. There are also a few options as to who can help you with your Arizona Title Application. All of the answers to your questions about your Arizona title application can be found here. Should

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Top Ways to Stay Safe

Top Ways to Stay Safe During the COVID 19 Pandemic. For many of us, we already feel as though doomsday is upon us. With schools closing, bars and restaurants empty and rush hour almost non-existent, it feels like a parallel universe. The COVID 19 pandemic is no joke. If you are worried about your supply of food, water and toilet paper

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